16.08 – Changes to Resource Information Popup

The pop-up shown when viewing information about a resource has grown significantly over the years. This has resulted on it not always fitting on a small display (Macbook).

As our users generated more and more historical data for those resources – it also meant that showing an unlimited amount of history for each artist / editor would slow the initial display of the pop-up to an almost unusable speed.

To counter these issues we have made a few changes to the pop-up.


It now has a reduced height for all rows – meaning the same information can be shown in less vertical space. This looks a little cluttered, but we did not want to reduce font size or remove any information.

We now also only show the most recent 25 projects that an artist / editor worked on in the bottom table of data.

We have also removed the total number of hours worked per service – as this information was of little practical use, and would take a while to calculate, especially for artists / editors who have worked in the company for a while.

16-08 – Leads Changes

We have redesigned the layout and added a new feature to our Leads module.

Each of the areas on the Lead detail page have now been separated out onto their own tab making it much easier to navigate to specific data.


We have also added the ability to create “Stages” for a lead, this works in a similar way to the recently added Milestones feature. A “Stage” can be thought of as a task which is required for the Lead to progress. An example of such a task may be something like sending out an NDA or researching company information.

The ‘Stages’ can be user defined via the Combo Box Options area of the system. By default, 3 stages will already be set up for you, these are simply called Stage 1, Stage 2 etc

To add your own stages, access the Combo Box area of the system, and select or create a new category named “leadstage”.

From the new “Stages” tab, you can create a new entry by clicking the “Add Stage” link located at the top right of the Stages section.

Clicking the “Add Stage” link will pop-up a dialog where you can enter the task details.

There are currently four fields available: Stage, Allocated To, Required Date and Comments.


The “Allocated To” data comes from the Resource List where the Staff resource has the category code “/producer”.

Once you have created a new Task and Saved it, it will be added to the Stage details table.

Stages can be Deleted, Edited and Completed using the icons in the ‘Action’ column in the far right cell of each Stage row.

When a Stage is completed, the details of who completed the Stage will be added to the Completed By, (this will be the currently logged in users details), and also the current date and time will be added to the Completed Date column.

16.08 – Release Notes

New Features

  • Leads
    • We have added the ability to create “stages” on Leads. These can be any textual representation of a task. They might be items such as Sending out an NDA, or a task to research into the company, etc. They can be assigned to people and have a “deadline” set. A predefined set of default stages can be added to the combo box options, (under the category “leadstage”), and these are automatically added when you create a lead. More info [7279] [7319]
    • We’ve added the ability to define your own lead status using the combo box options. [7063]
  • Schedule
    • We’re made the lasso tool super useful. You can now hold the CTRL key and click on jobs to select them (CMD + click for Mac users) – and you can change days/views without losing the selected jobs. [7268]


  • API & Integration
    • Added events to the queue for when a job service is modified. [6458]
    • Added the event type to the URL when sending a message queue notification. [6458]
    • Added a “rs_modified” event to the message queue when a resource schedule is changed. [6458]
    • Added a “rs_modified” event to the message queue when a job is split. [6458]
    • When leads are created and modified, events are triggered so that you can integrate better with them. [7349]
    • Events are fired when these are added, assigned and completed. This means you can notify these users and trigger other events based on your listening services. [7319]
  • Billing
    • If you use the “PARTIAL CREDITS” feature, and you have credited one line on an invoice, the invoice will not be reversible. This is to prevent items being credited more than once. [7243]
    • When a user selects a different “print type” on an accounts transaction, it is saved then and there. This means you can change the print mode of an invoice, even though you cannot save that invoice. [6594]
  • CRM
    • When you mark a contact as “client attending” a job, a record is made in the CRM for that client. [1562]
  • DMG
    • The DMG control has been changed so that individual DMG lines can be allocated to certain users. More info [7350]
  • Invoices
    • We’ve added the ability to specify a credit number sequence (either with a sequence for each depot or one single sequence for all depots). [6561]
    • We’ve made the methods of changing the currency on a billing approval a little easier to use by adding some instructions and clearer labeling. [7517]
  • Job
    • The project team list now appears on the job “client attending” page, so you can quickly add a team member to the job’s client attending list. [6643]
    • The Project team is now listed on the client attending form allowing you to quickly add a team member as client attending. You can also now add a new external or internal contact as the client attending which will add new contact to the team as well as a new company contact if they don’t already exist. [5490]
  • Leads
    • When creating a project from a lead, the lead team are now copied into the project team tab. [5496]
    • Added copy/export buttons to the lead results. [6779]
    • Added project type and depot filters to the leads dashboard tab. [6836]
    • A user customisable amount of days can now highlight leads that are going stale, (i.e. not had any comments for x number of days). [6265]
    • You can now type in the lead ID into a project, so that the project can be linked manually to its lead. [7063]
  • Project
    • We’ve changed the way the “cost all jobs” button, (on the Project client billing tab), works. It used to create ONE “Extra” job to attach sundries, etc to. Now it creates one per day to keep things a bit easier to compartmentalise. [7404]
  • Purchase
    • We’ve added an access code so that users can be given permission to edit a completed PO. This includes the ability to CANCEL a completed PO. [5535]
  • Quotes
    • If you use a quote template with the “use rates” checkbox ticked, the quote detail descriptions will always come from the template, rather than the ratecard. [7482]
    • It is now possible to set default print options via a json config setting if using the custom quote print options 4 pop-up. [6369]
    • Added a new access code which will allow a user to Confirm a bid regardless of the current authorisation flags. [5623]
  • Resource
    • Removed the staff rate-card check when saving a resource record. Previously the user would be prompted to select the rate-card that was most associated with the resource, but this was deemed unnecessary. [7134]
    • Reduced the amount of projects listed on the resource pop-up, (from the schedule page), to 25 to help increase speed when loading that data. More info [7310]
  • Shipping
    • The cost to us field CAN now be 0, (zero), if the despatch really cost you nothing. [7157]
  • UI
    • We’ve shrunk the size of some of the controls/padding on the resource pop-up panel, so that it can fit better on smaller resolution displays. More info [7310]
    • Added the ability to customise which fields are mandatory on the User Information page. This is accomplished using a new json config setting. [6270]
    • Clicking on the version number from the iCFM login screen or the header will take you to the News page on the CETA website where you can view the latest or archived release notes. [6734]

Bug Fixes

  • Billing
    • Fixed a sporadic bug which meant that reconciliations couldn’t always be matched to the correct price. [7196]
    • Squished a small problem, when a reconciliation is created it was not automatically set as “prepared”. This is resolved. [7476]
    • Fixed an issue where DMG flat rates would not spread correctly if some items were no charged. [7056]
    • Fixed bug where accounts transactions marked as INVOICE would not get removed from the “ready to export” screen – and thus could be resent multiple times, resulting in a new invoice number being assigned each time. [7416]
    • Fixed issue whereby internal charge items would not retain aggregate/extra flag from the ratecard – and thus they would always be classed as extras. [6944]
    • Fixed an issue where it would sometimes not be possible to allocate an internal charge to an internal accounts transaction. [7444]
  • Dashboard
    • Fixed a few date columns that couldn’t be sorted by date. They were sorted by a completely un-date like manor. [7446]
    • Fixed issue where the Project start and end dates on the dashboard My Projects tab were being converted to UTC when there was no need too. [7171]
    • Removed the Alt-Contact column from the Projects table on the dashboard Home tab. The alt-contact name will now be visible underneath the Our Contact. [7201]
  • DMG
    • Fixed an issue with importing a bid section into the DMG service list. If a service appeared in a Bid section multiple times the correct rate would not be carried over to the Job. [7248]
  • Job
    • Fixed a bug where copying a job didn’t convert the resource’s staff cost if it was in a different currency to the project. [7064]
    • Fixed an issue where setting a Job status to Costed would overwrite any custom quantities and unit prices. [7182]
  • Project
    • We’ve squashed a small pagination bug which meant the number of results returned from a project search would be blank. [7064]
    • Resolved a slightly annoying UI problem, when you scrolled the client billing page down, the little costing selection panel would shoot to the top of the screen and hide some other controls. [7391]
    • Fixed bug which meant the Schedule A/B project tabs would not fully utilise the quoteID box, and therefore the prices displayed could be incorrect. [7437]
    • Internal invoices are now excluded from the Invoice section on the Project summary page. [7443]
  • Purchase
    • Resolved an issue where when updating a service on a PO, the related job service may not be updated. Especially if the item is not quoted for. [7152]
    • Resolved issue where the automatic PO job created would have the project depot by default. It should be the PO depot, and now is. [7441]
  • Quotes
    • Erased an issue where custom fields sometimes wouldn’t save the first time a quote is saved. [7317]
    • Fixed a bug which meant if you copied a quote with flat rate items, the flat-ratedness of those items would be reset to regular quote details (i.e. price x qty). [7074]
    • Fixed some minor display issues in the totals section of the default bid template. These were only visible if specific print options had been selected. [6896]
    • Fixed issue where quote detail service descriptions were not using the custom description if set up in a custom rate card. [6852]
  • Resource
    • If a Person or Staff resource name is edited via the Resource List the name is now updated on all entities i.e. Project, Accounts Transaction, Lead, Milestone, Job or Quote. [7116]
  • Schedule
    • Fixed a strange issue which meant that users using the “client safe schedule” couldn’t see the day markers on the schedule. They were hidden. [7295]
    • Fixed a bug that would allow users to right click on a Job displaying the Job context menu while in Client Safe mode. [7455]
  • Shipping
    • Fixed issue where it would not be possible to no charge a shipping note if the service was Virtual. [6726]
  • Sundry
    • Fixed a small bug which meant clearing the sundry search screen wouldn’t really clear it, and it kept some fields hiding in the background. [7378]
  • UI
    • Made a small change to allow free typing in the resource category and sub-category drop down lists everywhere except the create new resource pop-up. This means filtering will work in all areas and random resource categories cannot be created when adding a new resource. [7185]
    • The resource location has been changed to free text so now floor numbers, phone extensions etc can be entered rather than only the depot. [7186]
  • User List
    • Fixed issue where some contacts would not appear in the User List if their status was NULL. [7157]


16.08 – DMG Control changes

With this update we have added a new way of viewing the DMG control screen. This is not enabled by default, however if you choose to, you can expand the DMG rows on the DMG control to see the individual technical items on that job.

See below, the “standard” DMG control screen. When you click a job, the DMG details are loaded at the foot of the screen:


Its not all that different, however the main difference is that you can assign a particular line on the DMG to a certain user. In the existing DMG control you can only assign the ENTIRE job to the user.

This also fires events into our message queue. You can hook into this event to notify the user to the new allocated work.

This is how the new control looks now:



NOTE: This change is not enabled by default. If you would like us to switch it on for you, then please contact us.